Mia, Family And Friends

I’m Mia.
I love so many things:
the colours red, blue and green
all animals
art, especially painting
reading books
meeting people, especially my friend.


Hello everyone.  I’m Pam. I’ve got a great job as a teaching assistant, working at Mia’s school. Like Mia, I love dancing and painting.


I’m David and I’m a nurse at the local hospital. I really like helping people. I also love playing the guitar, reading and being with my family. Rita’s my sister so I sometimes help out at the farm too.


I live next door to Mia.  Our families get on so well that we have a gate in the fence between our houses so that we can easily go in and out of each other’s gardens to play.


I’m in Mia’s class and, like Mia, I love painting and drawing.  I’m also in the after school football club, and so are Luna and Jack. We are all really good friends.

Auntie Rita
Nice to meet you all. There’s nothing I like better than a lovely walk in the countryside.

Auntie Wendy
When Mia is at school, I look after Cleo and take her out for long walks. She loves chasing her ball and is never without it.


I met Mia when we started nursery and we’ve been best friends ever since. We goto the same school and same dance class so we see a lot of each other.We have such fun together. 

Cleo is very loving, obedient, highly intelligent, loyal and utterly fearless!

Minty is an outdoor cat and very used to looking out for herself. She does like it when Mia comes to the stables.

Henrietta is lively and inquisitive. She loves being around human beings.

Gertrude the goat

Gertrude takes her time over everything, especially eating. She loves having her ears stroked.

Jackson is lovely to ride and knows his way home without any help from his rider!
Jackson is lovely to ride and knows his way home without any help from his rider!